Juniper SRX freelance work, NYC

  • While this forum seems mostly dead, I’ll give it a shot.

    We are looking for an engineer who is able to take a Juniper ISG config, Cisco router config, and then combine these into an SRX cluster. The cluster will be running eBGP on the outside. Failover on the outside will be via eBGP, one line into each SRX, no reth; while the inside will use a reth interface. That’s the routing part. On the firewall side, the work is to assist with converting the ScreenOS ISG policy into a JunOS SRX policy.

    This design has been vetted with Juniper. It’s absolutely do-able, if a bit more complex than your average deployment.

    As you can see, you’ll need a fair amount of SRX networking knowledge to pull this off.

    Need someone who can come to NYC and start soonerish. As in, within a few days or a week from now, now being Sept 1st.