• could someone please secure this forum from all these ad-posts? please get rid of that, the amount of ppl being active here decreases permanently…

  • administrators

    And I have put some measures in place that should reduce or eliminate the spam.  I also went through and deleted over 200 accounts today, that’s in addition to the 300+ I deleted a few weeks ago.

  • Global Moderator

    Lots more spam has just been removed 🙂

  • Hi Signal,

    I’d be happy todo some moderating, if you’d like. I’m on here a bit 😛

  • administrators

    Spam has been removed.   There will be a permanent fix and some updates in place by this weekend.

    I haven’t had a lot of time to visit the forum over the past few months due to work and some stuff at home (new kid!).  If anyone here would like to become a moderator, I’d be glad to make you one.  Clearly I do not have time to do all of this by myself.

  • Agreed on the spam problem.  I’ve largely shifted over to the JNet forum, although I prefer the format of this forum.

  • I was hoping that the owner was going to let the domian expire so I could register it and completely revamp the site.

    I have about a decade’s worth of time running large forums, and would love the opportunity to see this one take off again.

    If the site owner wants someone to take over maintenance on the site, I would be happy to.

    Please contact me if interested…