Switch not propagate DHCPv6 Solicit message

  • Hello,

    I have a Juniper EX3200 switch. A client connected to this switch asks for a DHCPv6 Server sending a DHCPv6 Solicit packet to the multicast address ff02::1:2. I can see the packet in the input interface (port mirror + wireshark)  but I can’t see it in the output interface (trunk connected to another switch where the DHCPv6 server is connected). Could you tell me what is happening or how I can debug this problem (see what is happening to the DHCPv6 Solicit packets?)

    Thanks in advance

  • Same problem here on EX2200 and EX4200. Unfortunately monitor is not supported on those devices (Junos 10.4) so I can’t really verify that DHCPv6 Solicit packets are not forwarded to the trunk.
    Firewall is not activated on multicast traffic.

  • Extra information:
      I have done a monitor interface ge-(interfice client) and I see that input multicast packets and ouput multicast packets increase acording to the DHCPv6 Solicit packet. But packets are not seen through trunk interface. If I configure the client interface with and IP, I can do ping to the server and I see the packets. I don’t have the firewall active