Issues with Polycom VSX through NetScreen 25

  • Hi,

    We are unable to receive a video call to a Polycom VSX 7000 behind our NetScreen firewall.

    I mainly work with Cisco firewalls and little with Netscreen/Juniper firewalls.  So I need some help here.

    We are using the Netscreen 25 running OS 4.0.1r10.0

    Here is what I have done and have confirmed:

    • Firewall policy to the Polycom is open for ALL ports (inbound & outbound).  No luck
    • configure policy to allow H.323 from the default object available (including an any any policy below it).  No luck
    • There is not ALG options for disabling H323.  “unset alg X” is a unknown command.
    • Under a policy there are no options for APPLICATION to select IGNORE
    • When logging is enabled  I do see port 1720 passing through to the Polycom but nothing beyond that.
    • Outbound video calling from this Polycom unit works.  Not inbound
    • The polycom unit is checked for “NAT is H.323 Compatible”

    I don’t think this firewall does any application inspection because of the OS , but I don’t know and want to make sure there isn’t anything I need to do on the firewall.

    Any help would be great!

    Thank you!


  • Hi, guys!
    I’m having some issues to use POlycom VSX 7000 behind a Juniper SSG5 firewall. The Polycom endpoints seems to accept the call, but it keeps calling, even with the green signal on the screen corner.
    Could you please helpe me?