What exactly is JUNOS SPACE?

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    thread topic says it all. There is a lot of marketing talk up on Juniper’s site, but I am not really seeing through it all. What exactly is SPACE? Is it a replacement for NSM?

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  • Junos Space is Junipers Network Level OS, and there are a bunch of cool things developers and system integrators can do on this platform.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about JUNOS and JUNOS Space, there is a great event scheduled for next week. Juniper Networks Product Directors and Partners will outline Juniper’s new developer initiative, which allows 3rd party software development houses to monetize and distribute their solutions to 30k+ customers.

    If you are interested in joining this event, and learning all about Junos/Junos Space and the opportunities to partner with Juniper. Sign-up at http://www.exicon.mobi/juniper/index, the event is at the Computer History Museum (awesome ) and there will definitely be free food, beer  😄 and Juniper gifts.

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    Indeed What?
    Space is more than replacement of NSM. It got tools to convert your logical view on networks (not devices) into configs. You add a bunch off lets say switches. Define a vlan end to end. Endpoint get access ports and on in between switches vlan is added to trunk. Same with secuirty policies etc. Lot’s of info on juniper.net/partners.

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