SRX240 Interface trunking?

  • Hi to all,

    I have some kind of strange problem……

    I have a Juniper infrastructure running for IPTV delivery. The setup  looks like this:

    SRX240 for VPLS Uplink to the core
    EX2200 (NR1)
    EX2200 (NR2)
    EX2200 (NR3)

    The switches are connected threw LAG and are multiredundant. My question now is the following:

    I want to connect a second interface from the SRX to switch Nr2 for backup if switch01 is getting problems. The problem here is that I want to “trunk” two interfaces together on 2 different switches. This is disabling the chance to use LAG or RTG for this setup. As I can’t just configure the same IP’s to the second SRX interface it is also impossible to just copy the interface config to the backup interface and enable MSTP. I’m searching a few days now and didn’t found a fitting solution for my problem.

    Would be gr8 if somebody could help

  • I’m assuming were talking about just using a single SRX right?