First steps with Juniper

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’ve decided to take my first steps in the Juniper world of security devices and appliances (Junos and Netscreen). I have a deep understanding of network security technologies and concepts and come from an extensive Check Point background. I’m looking to learn all about the current and past models, terminology, gain access to training equipment, etc.

    Could you guys point me in the direction of several documents, websites, pieces of information? Also, what appliances would you recommend I focus on (that is, what’s currently in wide use)?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Engineer

    Lower & Higher-end SRXs tend to have less in common than other product families (ssg, ns & various single-digit router designations, for example).

  • I cannot speak for JunOS, only ScreenOS. For ScreenOS the features differ slightly: Not all devices have slots, so the interfaces names/functions vary (e.g. no IDP functionality). Some devices don’t have all the routing features in the base license (NS208 @ ScreenOS 5+ has no OSPF in the base license, HA might be available only in higher models). Not sure about port redudancy and aggregation, I believe you don’t have that on the branch devices.

    In general you have about 99% of the ScreenOS functionality in all devices and it is (in my opinion) a good start. I started replacing my dsl router with a Juniper 5GT and set up another 5XP at my parents home in order to setup a VPN between us. I learned a lot.

  • I’ve got another question. Are the lower end models for both (ScreenOS and Junos) the same (functionaly, not performance) as the larger models? For example, does working with SRX100 mean I’m ready for all of the functions of the larger models?

  • Thank you, this is very helpful.

  • ScreenOS:
    ScreenOS Concepts and Examples is a great PDF (free). You can get some old Juniper 5 GT devices to train with. They are cheap (~50-100 USD) on ebay and have most features, that you will need.
    Day One books on Juniper Website and at least a SRX100 to train with (around 400-500 USD on Ebay).