Hardware roadmap … SSG-M starting point

  • Hi forumers,

    This topic has been covered in the past but not since 2009 and looking for some up-to-date info.

    We have quite a big fleet of SSG 320M and 550M FWs (and these are pretty much all I know from the Juniper FW range) and company policy is new kit after 3 yrs which is upcoming for the lion’s share. I have not seen any Juniper EOL dates for the SSG xxxM although a few for those without the M.

    Does anyone know if  SSG xxxM is going to still be supported in 5-6yr or so? Also should I be looking at other FW hardware (from Juniper) which might be more future proof or have added functionality. It looks like port-density is a bit ltd on some other models, having had the SSG range in the policy has been to get 8-port expansion cards rather than sub-interface.

    We also have 1 Juniper IDP75 that’s underutilized, and several SA4500 Remote access devices. I mention this as it looks like these things are becoming optional modules in chassis of other series.

    Any help / advice / opinion much appreciated

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  • Thanks for the reply, I’ll have a look into the SRX’s

    • anonomike

  • Engineer

    The standalone FW product line they’re most likely to be supporting in 5-6 years will generally have “SRX” in the model number.

    Junos definitely offers a lot of functionality, but it’s not clear that they’ve fully caught up to the capabilities of higher-end ScreenOS boxes.