I need to break( juniper router SSG520)necessary

  • Dears all ,
    I would like to thanks for all helpful peopel in this great forum , I am a new user in this  community, It seems that so great to be a member of this nice fourm ,However , I work in ISP , i wanted to install a new internet circuit to the customer but unfortunately this customer has a juniper router which i have never dealt with ,So i did some search then i brought the proper configuration but the problem is the username mode that he has give me is a lower privilege  :? which i can’t access the global mode to do some configuration  even he doesn’t know how to use it or deal with it , any way, I need your help guys to break the password ( recovery password ) then i want to make a username that has a higher  privilege for Juniper router SSG520,
    your quick feedback is highly appreciated  😉 .
    Kind Regards ,

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    Can you get the complete config? (get conf) and save it? If so reset the device to factory default (login on console woth the device serial number as username and the same serial number as password). Restore the config and set a new admin password.

  • There is no known way of brute forcing the login. Trying to break the Hash would take too long, too. There are no backdoors.