Web access problems to some sites

  • Hi,
    just got this morning the box unpacked and initially configured and noticed that some sites are not responsive. In particular
    www.autotrader.co.uk  - opens in firefox but the search does not work and seems to be running out. No joy in chrome - not really bothered showing anything at all.
    Then banking sites - when you enter some data for authentication, again, it just waits forever.
    The rest of the sites opens perfectly, just those two cases. I suspect it got something to do with flow setting but  could not solve it.
    Complete new to netscreen so sorry for possible lack of information ( screen os 6.2)


  • Do a “get int <your untrust=”" interface="">| i mtu" please and paste the output. Are you on a dialup?</your>

  • Thanks for helping me out. Unfortunately no miracles happened, still struggle with the problem.
    Also noticed that there is a fair amount of “illegal pak” received from trust ( wireless) - do not really kniw if it has anything to do with the problem

  • Could be a MTU problem. Try large downloads compared to small files (e.g. login via SSH vs. SCP downloads)