1 MPLS, 1 VPN to the same branch office, how to auto change routes

  • Hi, i have a a Branch office connected through an MPLS, this is my primary connection, i also have a VPN connection, when the MPLS is not working i change the static routes and redirect all traffic through the VPN, how can i change the statics routes in automatic when the MPLS is lost.

    Thanks you all.

  • Yes the both are in separate interfaces, i’m goint to try.

    Thank you for the tip.

  • Global Moderator

    I asume the MPLS is on a separated interface. You can configure monitoring on the interfaces. This makes the interface go down when the MPLS fails, even if the etherlink to your mpls router stays up. Then you configure to static routes. The primary as allways, the secondary with a higher preference number (> 20). The second link will only be active when first one goes down this way.