SSG5 WebUI/Telnet login problem

  • Hi

    am not able to access SSG5 firewall either through WebUI or Telnet. am new to SSG5, i have given static IP to my laptop and entered and in browser but it is showing page cant be displayed. and same problem with Telnet as connection error. help me out


  • OK, good.

    Offtopic: it would be so nice if there were “admin laptops” which have cat5 serial ports - no hassle with it through USB, just use a plain network cable for that. Never seen something like that. And if there is no room for another cat5 port, then it should be possible to build the serial port inside the one and only cat5 port (like you use CD-s and DVD-s inside the same reader). Procurve and Juniper both have cat5 console ports, probably not only them.

  • thanks guys for your time. i have reset the device, now am able to access it. As you said buying console cable saves lot of time its true. thanks again.

  • I use it quite often in the data center, e.g. watching the device boot. It costs around 5 Euro and saves a lot of time.

  • Hmm, why is console cable needed? That’s a rare case only, eg fixing corrupted firmware or something.

  • And get a console cable, you will need it anyway

  • Well, reset the device. Press the reset button 3 seconds until the orange flashing light goes to green again. Then wait 3 seconds and press reset again until the red flashing light does not flash anymore but stays red.