Standalone SA 2500 at two locations with two Public IP and one DNS record

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if this kind of setup and solution is possible and would appreciate if anyone could help me in this.

    We have two Sites Site A and Site B with different ISP providers and both the sites are connected by 40Mb wireless link. We have a standalone SA 2500 device in one of our location (Site A) with external IP for example from (ISP A) , External users use the URL to access the SA 2500 to get connected to the internal resources.

    Now we have purchaced another SA 2500 device, we would like to install this box at other location (Site B) as a standalone device with external IP for example from (ISP B).

    I will add the DNS record for new device as as well. I would like to know whether in this kind of setup load sharing between the two SA 2500 devices is possible as external users will use one one url which has 2 DNS records mapped to both and

    The idea is to have redundancy at hardware level as well as ISP level so that even if one hardware fails or one ISP is down my external users should not be affected and should be connected to internal network with the active device or ISP.

    Kindly let me know if this kind of a setup is possible. If not what are the alternate Solution for this.


    Abbas Mirza

  • Hello, It is called Active/Active cluster and External load balancer is need. See Juniper SA Admin Guide for more information.