System error issue

  • Hi,

    We have some users who cannot use their VPN connection…
    They got this kind of error after they wrote their login/password.
    On the Juniper logs, there is no error message, I saw that the session timed out that’s all.
    see below jpg file.

    Don’t know how to solve this issue, there is no information about this error on the juniper documentation.

    At present there are 2 people impacted, what can I say to the users ?
    Maybe a software to uninstall or to desactivate ?

    Thanks in advance


  • First of all this looks like a client related issue which is good and bad at the same time.
    good because your config on the SA is ok
    bad because now you have to find out what is going wrong on the client side, this can get quiet difficult

    Few things to check first
    did the installation complete ?
    ( by the looks of the error message not but check anyway in the isntalled programs )
    check the installation log on the client, hopefully some usefull info in there.
    some other places where you can go and quess things out

    • AV / FW settings check (  if these are different in your 2 user cases )
    • IE security settings check

    to know :

    • the NC client is either delivered over activeX or java make sure at least 1 way is availble for the deilvery
    • blocked activeX is uncool for setup in IE