SSL/VPN for test lab?

  • Guys,

    I have a requirement wherein my team has to evaluate SSL solutions. We are pretty low on budget sanction. What I wanted to know was which is the cheapest SSL/VPN solution Juniper has to offer. Anything which supports just 5 users will also solve my purpose. I did contact some Juniper Sales guys and they told that every solution comes with their own Hardware Box (Server). Although on the site I also see a software solution. Hardware Model vs Software Model.–

    What is this Software model? Can I procure this and use on my own available servers? Also will this turn out to be a cheaper option.

    Apologies if this is a wrong question at the wrong place, but any help/guidance is much appreciated.


  • I am now solving similar issue for our testing lab. I think that Juniper SA appliance itself is not a problem, the price is reasonable, but the main issue is price for licenses, they are really high, so if I should choose between SW/HW solutions I probably buy HW appliance.

  • The SA700 will be the cheapest option or a SA2500 if you need more features.

    The Virtual Appliance soltuion is for 2500 to 25000 simultaneous users and is priced on an annual basis.

    I use te Billion SSLV VPN solutions (the S5 and S10) to access my own lab….even though the company I work for is a Juniper partner.  😄