Redudant routing

  • Hi

    I have a SSG 520 box  with IP range xxx.yyy.148.0/24 connected to 2 ISP.

    1st ISP: is connected  to server xxx.yyy.148.35 on interface redundant2 (xxx.yyy.148.33/27, ethernet6/0)  and is the default route of the SSG520 box
    2nd ISP: is connected  to xxx.yyy.148.234 on interface ml1 (xxx.yyy.148.233/30 serial interface).

    I need to configure my box such that if my default route is down (by pinging IP will automatically make  2nd ISP (xxx.yyy.148.234) as the default route. When the 1st ISP is down I should be able to ping to all servers xxx.yyy.148.33/27 rom rest of my network. Some of my servers will also have xxx.yyy.148.234 as their default route always.

    And when the 1st ISP is up it should automatically change the default route to the 1st ISP.

    I am relative new to juniper system. I am uploading my get config file. Please let me known what should be done so that my box works fine as I have seen very low speed some time working through the Juniper box.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    Sanjib Gupta