Provide Clear Disclaimer on website…

  • Signal,

    First off, IANAL (I am not a lawyer).

    You’ve put a “This site is not affiliated with NetScreen” statement in the “Welcome” post, which is a good start but I’m worried that may not be enough.

    There might be a misunderstanding that this site is somehow affiliated or supported by NetScreen. I would recommend putting something more legalistic at the bottom of at least the main page, prominently, and perhaps some short version in small print at the bottom of all other pages.

    This site seems to be helpful for some people, and I’d hate to have it be removed because you didn’t follow the proper legal ettiquette.

    I’d also recommend contacting NetScreen Legal and get thier temperature on it. The “Better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission” thing doesn’t quite ring true when you find yourself in court for trademark violation.

    Good luck with the site,

  • Well I hope Dave and his fellow engineers check it out regularly 😉
    I have been asking NetScreen for this for quite a while so a big thankyou to whoever got it off the ground.


  • administrators

    I’ll be adding a disclaimer to the footer.php file so it gets shown on every page.

    Netscreen already knows about this site, though I don’t know what they think of it. I would hope that they see it as a benefit to users of their products, hence a benefit to them. Creating a community of people who regularly use their products is not only good from a support standpoint (both in sharing common experiences and reducing the number of calls to their first level TAC), but is also good in the sense that they can see exactly what people are trying to do with their products.

    For the most part, they already know what people are trying to do as they were extremely diligent in finding out what we were trying to do and made suggestions based on that. But, as a companies needs change over time, things may come up here that they may not otherwise know about. Also, people here may come up with solutions for things that their TAC people or support site doesn’t have information on. For example, I found a way to pass GRE packets for a PPTP connection without using DIP, which is nowhere to be found on their support site.

    I want this to be a useful site, and it seems like it already is for some people. But what might be nice is if we had some Netscreen engineers who regularly browsed the site. I know they already know about it, so maybe we’ll see a few on here soon.