HSRP through EX8208

  • Hi!

    I have a little question about compatibility between Cisco and Juniper equipment.

    I have two Cisco 6500 configured with HSRP and between them I have two Juniper EX8208 that only do L2 transport.

    Here is a little scheme :

    Cisco 6500-1      Cisco 6500-2
                                  |                        |
                                  |                        |
                                EX8208 –--------EX8208

    On the 6500s:
    1 port configured in access mode on a vlan X
    1 SVI for the vlan X and HSRP configuration

    On the EX8208:
    ports linked to the Cisco are in access mode on the vlan X
    port linked to the other EX is configured in access mode on the vlan X

    With this configuration, both 6500 are in active mode for HSRP because they don’t receive the hello packets.
    I sniffed the traffic and saw that the hello packets are not transmitted on the link between the two EX.

    When I change the SVI configuration for VRRP, everything is ok.

    Do you have an idea? :?


  • Global Moderator

    Also try turning off IGMP snooping and see if that helps.

  • You need to make sure no ports in this configuration are in Spanning tree blocking mode. HSRP are just layer 2 UDP multicast hello sent every 3 sec to Where as VRRP hello is a IP packet sent every 1 sec to

    Which port do you span on EX 8200 and found no HSRP hello packet are forwarded.