Is IDP Vlan retag supported on v5.1 ? (binding suninterface-vlan to VR)

  • Our scenario is to connect a trunk link to the IDP device from a layer 2 switch containing 10 vlans .

    In the IDP version 4.0 documents , each vlan-pair(sub-interface) is binded to a virtual router
    (vlan-1 to vr1 , vlan-2 to vr2 , …& so on )
    (Concepts and Examples Guide , Version 4.1r3 - page 116)

    Questions :

    A)In the new version (v5.1) , we couldn’t find any information about this issue(binding sub-interfaces to VR) . Is it supported in the new version ? if it supports, how many VR and vlans does it support ?

    B)Also , how many vlan pairs or vlans can be configured on one link connecting to the Juniper IDP device ?

    C)Does the v5.1 supprt vlan re-tagging , meaning that the the IDP can retag the inside and outside vlan in a vlan pair group , as same as the firewall does in transparent mode(for example firewall in transparent mode , it retags inside vlan10 to outside vlan11 and binds it to a VR .