Multiple External IPs on one interface

  • Hi,

    I have an SSG320 which currently has Ethernet0/0 configured in the Untrust Zone. I currently have this setup with (for example)  I have recently purchased a second set of external IPs (for example)

    I can add this new set of IPs as a MIP to Ethernet0/0 fine.  However I would like to add them as a VIP instead.  When I try to do this I am informed “The virtual IP must be in the same subnet as the interface IP”  This all makes perfect sense but does anyone know of a way to add these via VIPs?  I would like to avoid adding a second interface into the Untrust Zone with this new range of IPs setup on it.

    Thanks in advance


  • Well, the text it says doesn’t make sense for me so I’d also like to know how to use VIPs in such case. Perhaps it can’t be done because of some asymmetrical routing issue? So far I had to use MIP or configure a different virtual router and do everything there.