Problem interfacing SSg5 with Juniper cx111

  • I am trying to interface my SSG5 with a Broadband cellular bridge: cx111. The connection is quite straight forward. I Set int eth0/0 DHCP client, and I do get the wan address from the cx111 ( ISP is giving me a static ip over 3g network). I connected my pc to int eth0/2 with a static IP and I can ping my gatewayy (LAN) and aloso the wan IP. However, I cant go on the Internet. I have a policy trust to untrust any any. What am I missing here?

    The cx111 is set to passthrough, which means it forwards all trafic coming and going from/to the 3g usb key without interference.

    When I connect the cx111 directly to my PC (DHCP) everything works fine.

    Your herlp is greately appreciated!

  • I don’t know what is wrong then. Turn on logging for the rule from trust to untrust and when you ping either from the Juniper of from your computer, do you see the packets matching that rule? I mean, do you see log entries? Are there any logs visible in cx111?

  • Hi, echo and thank you for the interest. I actually checked the routes and I do receive the default route automatically. I also did a ping sourced from the e0/0 towards but I get a time out. When I connected an ADSL connection to e0/0 instead of the cx11 and the 3g key, I get internet access.

  • Your default route is also given automatically? Checked that?

    Log in to the SSG5 and try to ping outside. Something like
    ping from e0/0