Strange ssg5 behaviour

  • hi all

    as this is the 4th out of our 60 ssg5’s with this strange behavoiur I am honestly worrying a little bit about it. What happens? Suddenly the SSG5 stops working, does not pass any traffic or VPN connections. the strange thing is that the device is reachable by ping but not using ssh, telnet or webUI. certainly I let my colleague on site disconnect all other stuff to exclude IP address conflicts and so on. As the devices are usually located in branches where I do not have someone with deeper IT knowledge it’s not possible to get informations using console connection.

    This happened in 4 different and independent locations.

    It’s software relase 6.2.0r7

    is someone “familiar” with this behaviour - where would you start looking for the error?

  • Update the firmware in one of these boxes, where this has happened several times and see if there is any change.
    Secondly, set up the Screen options on trust and untrust zones so that there won’t be more than let’s say 500 incoming or outgoing sessions from or to one and the same IP-address. I suggest that because I’ve seen how Skype and/or torrents have taken down Junipers because of the large number of sessions they create (the amount of traffic was insignificant though). Is it sure that people suddenly didn’t start using skype pr any other p2p program and the number of sessions haven’t risen up?