PE-2MCDS3 card in a M10i

  • Hello……we have a client with the following configuration, who would like to buy a PE-2MCDS3 card from us. His queston is, “can we guarantee” that the card will work in his system as outlined below? Any help reviewing his existing hardware and Junos levels as it relates to his compatibility question would be GREATLY appreciated! My tech here who normally could answer this for me is out of the country for several more days. Thanks in advance…Rick Zywotko / Novia Networks Inc.

    His Config:

    Hardware inventory:
    Item            Version  Part number  Serial number    Description
    Chassis                                A6238            M10i
    Midplane        REV 06  710-008920  CY8464            M10i Midplane
    Power Supply 0  Rev 06  740-008537  6472563          AC Power Supply
    Power Supply 1  Rev 06  740-008537  6462273          AC Power Supply
    Power Supply 2  Rev 05  740-008537  QL28927          AC Power Supply
    HCM slot 0      REV 04  710-010580  DA0552            M10i HCM
    HCM slot 1      REV 04  710-010580  DA0553            M10i HCM
    Routing Engine 0 REV 04  740-011202  1000677510        RE-850
      ad0    248 MB  SILICONSYSTEMS INC 256M 246CT505S1063SC00090 Compact Flash
      ad1  38154 MB  HTE541040G9AT00      MPB2TAXHDYSPGM    Hard Disk
    Routing Engine 1 REV 07  740-011202  1000725415        RE-850
      ad0    999 MB  SILICONSYSTEMS INC 1GB 217VTB79SM705DC00012 Compact Flash
      ad1  38154 MB  FUJITSU MHV2040AS    NT14T7729RYW      Hard Disk
    CFEB slot 0      REV 07  750-010465  DA0766            Internet Processor II
    FPC 0                                                    E-FPC
      PIC 0          REV 08  750-002963  CV2397            4x T3
      PIC 1          REV 06  750-005894  CD8356            2x CT3-NxDS0
      PIC 2          REV 08  750-002963  CM4022            4x T3
      PIC 3          REV 19  750-007442  CW7410            1x CHSTM1 IQ SDH, SMIR
    FPC 1                                                    E-FPC
      PIC 0          REV 10  750-002963  PN1928            4x T3
      PIC 1          REV 04  750-005894  CB6495            2x CT3-NxDS0

    show version
    Hostname: lax001
    Model: m10i
    JUNOS Base OS boot [8.0R2.8]
    JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [8.0R2.8]
    JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [8.0R2.8]
    JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M7i/M10i) [8.0R2.8]
    JUNOS Routing Software Suite [8.0R2.8]
    JUNOS Online Documentation [8.0R2.8]
    JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [8.0R2.8]