Can we use the T320 instead of the M320 at network edge ?

  • I needed to know the answers on the below bold questions that were asked by a Network manager , i tried to answer them , but i want to get some confirmation that the T320 can work in the edge , exept for the couple of not supported PIC card all should work like the M320 right ? The RE has the L3 tables and does the routing and the JUNOS lets say 11.1 contains the commands , is there something that missed ?

    Any advise help is very appreciated ! :mrgreen:

    The T320 series is just a smaller version of the M320 . (see hyperlinks)

    Q:What are the limitations for: policers, virtual interfaces, filters for this device?-Commands are Junos software release specific and since most of the same RE and same Junos can be used on both T320 and M320 routers I think there is almost no difference in configuration commands on both series ….perhaps when a type of PIC card is not supported in the T-series the commands will also not work. (for PIC/FPC support see bottom of the email)
    -Both platforms support policers .
    -What virtual interfaces are you referring too?
    -On the data-sheet you can see that large filter lists are supported , hundreds of thousands of filter lists. (See attachment with filter based forwarding info.)
    Q:Is the T320-FPC3, “Internet Processor 2” based? since any features depend on this. Juniper’s Internet Processor 1 is very outdated:-The T320 FPC’s use a T-series internet processor , the corresponding T-series FPC’s have the same forwarding rates as the M320 series FPC’s(see links)

    Also the M320/T320/T640 SIB forwarding rates in Mpps are similar.

    SIB Packet Forwarding Characteristics

    Million Packets
    Routing        per Second (Mpps)        Number of
    Platform      Forwarding              SIBs per Chassis              Redundancy
    M320             385                           4                                     No
    T320               320                           3                                   Yes
    T640               640                           5                                   Yes

    T-series internet processor information :

    The T Series architecture allows all Junos OS features and services
    to operate across many interface types without compromising
    performance. All platforms are highly secure with large filter lists
    (hundreds of thousands of firewall filter terms) and rate limiting
    to mitigate denial of service (DoS) attacks. Consistent hardware based
    QoS features such as deep packet classification, filtering,
    and granular queuing are deployable at large scale for many
    interface speeds.
    Backed by the industry’s widest breadth of software services,
    T Series Routers are designed on a foundation of IP/MPLS optimized
    hardware that offers unique packet handling
    functionality unmatched for its flexibility and scale. The result is
    robust quality of service (QoS) for rich and scalable voice transport,
    video distribution, multicast replication, traffic engineering, ATM-to-
    MPLS migration, and IP transit and peering services.

    Most M-series PIC’s also work in the T-series except the ones below, so when you need some of these interfaces you are forced to use the M-series (see attachment for supported PIC’s )  :
    PIC’s not supported in the T320/T640
    Link Services PIC, 4 ML bundles
    Link Services PIC, 32 ML bundles
    Link Services PIC, 128 ML bundles
    E1, 4-port
    T1, 4-port
    ChT1, IQ, 10-port
    ChE1, IQ, 10-port
    1-Gigabit Ethernet IQ2, 8-port SFP oversubscription
    OC-3c/STM-1, 2-port      ( m7i/m10i only)
    OC-3/STM-1, 2-port SFP ( m7i/m10i only)
    E3 IQ, 2-port                  ( m7i/m10i only)

    Almost all PIC are supported due to 3 different types of T320-FPC’s :
    T320-FPC1                        T320 Flexible PIC Concentrator (accepts M160 FPC1 PICs)
    T320-FPC2                        T320 Flexible PIC Concentrator (accepts M160 FPC2 PICs)
    T320-FPC3                        T320 Flexible PIC Concentrator (accepts PC series PICs)

    The M320 series router is a real multifunctional edge router .