Upgrade NSM 2008.r2 to 2011.1

  • Sorry I’m a newbie. I have RedHat 5 with NSM 2008.r2, I would like to upgrade to last version 2011.1. Which is the procedure to follow for upgrade the software?
    The documentation on Juniper talk about only of installation.

    Thank you for your help.

  • FYR, I had logged case to JTAC and they suggest me following solution…

    We have now made 2010.3s4 and 2011.4s1 as the JTAC recommended NSM releases. Please review the KB article <http: kb.juniper.net="" infocenter="" index?page=“content&id=KB22703”>for more information.

    If you plan to upgrade the NSM to 2010.3s4, then you have to do step up upgrade.First you can upgrade to 2010.1 and from there you can upgrade to 2010.3s4.

    First of all you need to take the backup of your NSM server by running the command sh tech-support.sh db at the location /usr/netscreen/GuiSvr/utils

    and once backup is taken you need to download the scripts for 2010.1 and 2010.3s4, the files would be regional server and offline server of those version .You will find those files on Out Juniper Support Download page.

    You need to extract the regional server file, you will get two files, upgrade-os and linux file then you need to run the below command :

    sh upgrade-os.sh nsmxxxxxxxxx_linux_server.sh Offline

    Installation will start.

    For better reference, You can use NSM installation guide.</http:>