• Hi guys,

    I am in a bit of fix here with JSAM.I have joined as a VPN admin in a company and they use juniper ssl VPN’s.I am having a problem understanding what JSAM is.
    In a standard juniper document i found the following details:

    The Java version of the Secure Application Manager (J-SAM) provides secure port
    forwarding for applications running on a remote machine. J-SAM works by directing
    client application traffic to the J-SAM applet running on a client machine. The IVE
    assigns a unique IP loopback address to each application server that you specify for a
    given port. For example, if you specify: app1.mycompany.com, app2.mycompany.com,
    and app3.mycompany.com for a single port, the IVE assigns a unique IP loopback
    address to each application:,, and respectively.

    I did understand what basically JSAM does (reverse proxy) but i didnot understand what those loopback ip’s the document says about and why the loopback ips are used?

    Can someone describe in lay man terms how the whole JSAM thing works (with these loopback ip’s).
    I will be very thankfull to anyone who gives an answer.