Running Remote Desktop on a Mac PC and/or Ipad?

  • Hi

    First post on this site - looking for any assistance on how to solve.

    For remote working, our users are able to remote desktop to their office workstation or a terminal server via SSL which works great from a PC.

    Up to now we have only supported remote connections from PCs, but with the increase on the number of users buying/owning Mac devices (macbooks / ipads) have now been asked to look at our remote access options.

    We have tried the Junos client, but this requires Network Connect to be enabled on the user (from what I can see/tell)

    Current policy is not to allow the use of Network Connect.

    The question is - For all admins out there who support Mac devices trying to remotely connect and allow remote desktop connections apart from Network Connect - how do you achieve this?

    Or do we need to start looking at an alternate remote access appliance - if so what would you suggest?

    We have a Juniper SA2000 and Juniper SA2500 appliances


  • Hi Dboult/mzeggie,

    I’m also looking for a layer 7 client to work on an iPad.  Junos Pulse from store is layer 3, which we can’t use for personally-owned devices.  Anyone know anything about ETA of a solution, please let us know.

    Regarding RDP for Mac (RDP is great via PC using the built-in client from launch page), we tried a similar solution but could never get it working and the Hobbs RDP cost money.  We got around this by using the Java Secure Access connection.  Instead of a Terminal Service link from your launch page, you can download the Remote Desktop Client app from Microsoft.

    The login method is different between PCs and Macs so you’ll need to educate your users but I have about 45 users on Mac OS and have been able to get every single one RDP access into the network via this method.

    Hope this helps and if anyone knows anything about proxied access via Android or iOS, please pass along!


  • Hello Dboult,

    We seem to have about the same setup and policy in place.  We currently do have Mac-support via a third-party (free, but to my knowledge not supported by Juniper) JAVA-RDP application on the SA2000. Just upload the ZIP and configue some new bookmarks. This allowed for our MacOS users to start and use a RDP session to our Terminal Server.  Eventually we ended up creating 4-5 additional bookmarks on the SA.  Each bookmark pointing to the JAVARDP but in a different screenresolution.
    (Just Google for : java RDP zip juniper  first 5 hits may give enough pointers!) 
    PS:  Now that I did the lookup again is seems that Juniper has it’s own (probably paid-for) JavaRDP solution (check:

    The holy grail for RDP access from an iPad is (to my knowledge) not yet available. The iPad does not support Java is seems, which leads to a lot of disappointed users who got the tablet during the recent Holidays.  Thanks Apple!

    Still looking…!    :?