WTS - Loaded M10i Internet Router

  • I have 1 Juniper M10i Internet Router loaded with plenty of goodies that I would like to sell. My email is art-inc@live.com The router was made on March 9th, 2010 and is loaded as follows:

    The chassis part number is CHAS-MP-M10I-S and HECI of IPMEG00CRA.

    There are:
    2 RE-850 Routing Engines, part number 740-011202 (HECI Barcode of CNP2T00DAD) each with a 40 GB HD, 1GB SSD and 3 512MB Memory sticks

    2 Enhanced Compact Forwarding Engine Boards, both are part number 750-023594 and have HECI Barcodes of IPUCASECAA

    4 DC Power Supplies, all are part number 740-008985 with HECI Barcodes of CNP7N80EAB

    2 High-Availability Chassis Managers, both are part numbers 750-009024 or 710-010580 and have HECI Barcodes of IPUCAAGCAA

    1 MultiServices 100 card, part number 710-013413 or 750-014895 with a HECI Barcode of IPUIA1RMTB

    1 1-Port Channelized OC-12 card, part number 750-005633 (710-009077 / 710-005503), with a HECI Barcode of IP5ITBSHAA

    2 1x G/E SFP, 1000 BASE cards, both with part number 750-010238 (710-009867), and HECI Barcodes of IPUIADJMAA

    1 Fan Tray, which is part number 760-009025 and a HECI Barcode of IPMYAB2JAA

    and 4 Slot Covers, part number 7747-01 Revision B

    ART, Inc.

  • sold
    no longer available