EX4200 transport VLAN

  • Hi, I am new al juniper and I have some issues, for example, a simple thing I could do in cisco, transport vlans between sw

    I get 10 VC, one of this virtual chassis, is the core, where are the vlans created.

    Then I have one VC with many vlans, BUT I need to get this VC to “see” one more vlan, created on switch core, my questions is, how do I get this VC to see this vlan ?

    I can create it from GUI, but how do I get it trunked?


  • Okay, first you need to take a look at the OSI model:

    There you can see that:

    Layer2: MAC adresses, VLANs, etc… (link layer)
    Layer3: IP (Protocol)

    So you can use Layer3 inside Layer2, in other words, you can create an RVI inside a vlan. If you create two vlans (two seperate broadcast domains) and you want to communicate between them you need to route between those vlans. Is this what you want?

  • Thanks for your reply
    I have ten VC, I need to create some vlanas Layer2 and some layer 3 in oprder to “see” every theing, meaning, when I create a layer 2 vlan, it only sees a boradcast domain inside this vlan and can not see other vlans, so i NEEDto create some"transport" in layer 3 so I can see the other vlanas, and that is the questios, how I am supposed to create a layer 3 vlan tham can be seen from everiwhere? I think I am havng some problem with RVI, thanks.

  • I don’t really understand your question, can you make a drawing of some sort to explain? We are using a lot of transport vlans in Junos, so it’s possible…