VPN between 2 SSG-140

  • Hi all!

    We have a VPN connecting 2 sites, lets call site “A” where the resource is (chat server), and site “B”, where the clients are.

    Everything is working fine at the moment, trust on B access trust on A and vice-versa, we are happy with it.

    Now on site B we have a new trust, (trust22), which also needs to access the same resource on site A.

    I tried to configure a new VPN service, but having problems, because of the duplicated gateway, then i tried to create the VPN using the same gateway, it was ok, until i tried to create the ROUTE, but it wont go thru because i would have 2 routes to the same resource using different tunnels.

    Is there a way to do what we want to do ?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Solved the issue, on the Advanced Options inside AUTO KEY, i didnt specified a ip address on the proxy id. created another route on SITE A for the new trust and worked out fine.