Netscreen Juniper Support

  • Could we have a temporary forum regarding the somewhat botched transfer of netscreen support into the Juniper systems.

    We are 16 days into this process and I understand from several people that I am not the only one who is getting frustrated.

    I don’t belive Juniper/Netscreen is either doing enough or listening to customers.

    I know this is a techie forum, but I cannot think of a better place to let all of our feelings known to Netscreen/Juniper.


  • OK it is clear that while there are not many posts on this forum, Juniper have made a complete hash of the Netsceen takeover. Why they didn’t leave well alone I don’t know. I have at least managed to get OS5 for my 5GT but I still can’t get any of the support that I have been asked to pay for. Needless to say, no support, no payment.:evil:

    If by the end of next week (10th Sept) I still haven’t had Juniper grovelling and helping set up the box, it will go up on eBay and I will replace it. At the moment, Cyberguard’s SG series looks nice.

    Any offers for the box (I am in the UK) or suggestions will be welcome!

  • A suitable amount of serious grovelling is required from Juniper - it is useful to know that they have recognised the problem at least in the UK.

    I gather their support costs are coming down soon - zero would be a good idea until they have their systems working smoothly. They could do worse than provide technical support via this forum. Dell have very useful off-record contributors for example to the Linux PowerEdge mailing list.

    I only have the single 5GT so I don’t have much clout but the much better and free support from the likes of Draytek on my home ADSL 2600 modem should make JP worry - if Draytek enter the high end market then the holiday will be over and socks will need to be pulled seriously up.

  • I have had the same problem registering a brand new product and it’s support contract.

    This has been very frustring process for us as we had to move 20 firewalls and IDP and a Netscreen SA and it took about 5 weeks to get everything over. I used the web form and submitted all my serial numbers and info I had an after about three days someone picked it up and started getting things fixed, saying that our resller is still working on one of the products

    Juni-poor should be holding there heads in shame over this, Lets hope they learn from this and move on.

    We had a UK Juniper chap in a couple of weeks back, and he was embarresed by the whole situtation and kept apologising.

    How about one free month support added to our contracts 🙂

    I would like to know if we are the only ones who experienced these problems. I get the impresion we are not alone, but there hasn’t been huge feedback on this topic, so maybe we are alone?


  • The Juniper support for NS products sucks but since I don’t know what the NS support was like, I don’t know whether they bought a pig or have made one (apologies to that animal).

    I have a 5GT that I bought ages ago and registered but have only recently put into service. I need to upgrade the OS and get some other support. Juniper has no record of my registration and eventually, after much iteration via two levels of resellers, suggested that I re-register and I got an authorisation code.

    Clicking like mad over the Juni-poor site - having first been through their ‘transition’ section where I had failed to move my account with misleading error messages - I registered. Yippee! Some success. Too soon - the euphoria subsided after I went to the downloads section only to find that they had no record of my box - as they said. But when I tried to register it, the message said the serial number was already registered.

    Now either you have a serial number that is registered to the box’s owner or you hava a serial number that is not registered. Either way, unless there are two boxes with the same serial number, the database is wrong/corrupted or the error messages are being wrongly trapped.

    Juniper have serious problems with their web site and/or databases - they seem to be a mess. I hope ScreenOS is not written by the same comedians.

    So far, this procedure has taken 3 weeks, made worse by the fact that my reseller has to contact his reseller who has to contact Juniper. Is this a job creation scheme or what? It certainly isn’t service.

    I would have thought that (a) having a box with a serial number and (b) being prepared to pay for support would enable this in minutes. So far my observation is that the more you pay for support, the less support you get. This doesn’t seem to me to be a good business model.

    Anyway many thanks for setting this BB up - and I also notice a mailing list. Most on this BB may be Netscream fans - I am currently not but you may succeed in convincing me if you try really hard! I will post my technical query elsewhere. It makes you wonder, as you shell out for technical support, why Juniper/Netscreen don’t run a forum or mailing list themselves. Maybe they don’t want to know the bad news.