Cannot access NetScreen Login

  • I “inherited” a Dell server running MS SBS 2003.  Devices include a Dell Switch with 24 ethernet ports, a Juniper NetScreen 5GT VPN device, and a T1 line.  There is an Adtran T1 modem on the premises, but not in my office.  Our office is wired, so each of the three computers on-site plug into the wall outlets and are routed in a cupboard to the Dell Switch.

    The server is no longer loading all drivers, as evidenced by the message I get when starting up the server after trying everything else.  I have been unable to access NetScreen to configure the Juniper device.

    In an attempt to at least gain access to the Internet, I disconnected the Dell Switch device as well as the Juniper device and inserted a 2Wire router/modem obtained from AT&T from another office. I plugged the three computers into that router/modem and connected it to the T1 feed.  I now have Internet access, but I realize that this is not an optimal solution.

    I want to continue to access the VPN wireless module that I had prior to the server going postal on me.  As I can’t access the setup program on the 2Wire either, I am at a loss as to how to set up a new wireless network.

    So, to recap:

    I need to be able to access NetScreen on the Juniper device from either the server or one of the computers so that I can configure the IP addresses required to access the T1 line.

    Any thoughts from anyone?!

    Thank you!