Phone MAC address in multiple VLANs preventing PC connection

  • HI

    I have EX4200 with voip options on ports to get phones dynamically in voice vlan, everything works fine using LLDP until I came to connect PC to the back of a phone, the PC would not be able to get on to the network.

    After investigating I found that I had mac-limit of 2 on ports where phone MAC was eating up this limit by appearing in both DATA and VOICE vlan.

    Does anyone know why would the phone be appearing in both VLANs???

    root@LFGSNSW001> show ethernet-switching table

    Ethernet-switching table: 14 entries, 7 learned
      VLAN              MAC address      Type        Age Interfaces
      CLEAR-INTERNET    *                Flood          - All-members
      DATA              *                Flood          - All-members
      DATA              3c:b1:5b:4c:be:df Learn          0 ge-0/0/24.0
    **  DATA              3c:b1:5b:4c:c2:51 Learn          0 ge-0/0/27.0**
      DATA              5c:5e:ab:6e:c0:80 Static        - Router
      DATA              68:b5:99:f1:a4:3b Learn          0 ge-0/0/0.0
      DATA              68:b5:99:fd:ef:5a Learn          0 ge-0/0/0.0
      DATA              f8:c0:01:c8:25:81 Learn          0 ge-0/0/0.0

    VOICE            *                Flood          - All-members
      VOICE            2c:21:72💿18:8d Learn      2:17 ge-0/0/0.0
    **  VOICE            3c:b1:5b:4c:c2:51 Learn          0 ge-0/0/27.0**