SSG-140 interface speed settings

  • Hi. How can I see interface speed settings on the SSG-140, whether it’s set to a fixed speed or auto-negotiate? And how can I set it to a fixed speed? We need to try this out in order to resolve a case of heavy packet loss with our ISP. I tried this, it seems to be working at 100 Mbps, but I cannot see if it’s fixed or auto:

    SSG140-> get int eth0/2
    Interface ethernet0/2:
      description ethernet0/2
      number 6, if_info 4848, if_index 0, mode route
      link up, phy-link up/full-duplex
      status change:1, last change:07/22/2010 10:55:56
      vsys Root, zone Untrust, vr trust-vr
      dhcp client disabled
      PPPoE disabled
      admin mtu 0, operating mtu 1500, default mtu 1500
      ip  mac 0021.5927.7786
      manage ip, mac 0021.5927.7786
      route-deny disable
      pmtu-v4 disabled
      ping disabled, telnet disabled, SSH enabled, SNMP disabled
      web disabled, ident-reset disabled, SSL disabled
      DNS Proxy disabled, webauth disabled, g-arp enabled, webauth-ip
      OSPF disabled  BGP disabled  RIP disabled  RIPng disabled  mtrace disabled
      PIM: not configured  IGMP not configured
      MLD not configured
      NHRP disabled
      bandwidth: physical 100000kbps, configured egress [gbw 0kbps mbw 0kbps]
                configured ingress mbw 0kbps, current bw 0kbps
                total allocated gbw 0kbps
      DHCP-Relay disabled at interface level
      DHCP-server disabled


  • Hi,

    Check the configuration – get config | i phy

    You would see something like:  set interface ethernet4 phy full 100mb. If you dont see anything, then the interface is in auto-negotiate mode.