Two ISP's and IPv6

  • Hi!

    I’m using a SSG-20, but have bought a SRX210H-PoE that I want to use for this. But since the theory is mostly the same, I will ask with the SSG in mind, because I think this forum has a lot more activity than the SRX one…

    So put simply, I have 30/30 fiber connection at home. After lots of persuasion, I got two /30 subnets delivered on another port (for an extra fee, of course). This was meant instead of the dynamic ip. But the ISP never disabled the first port on my fibre modem, so today I have one 30/30 with dynamic ip, and one 30/30 with the two /30 subnets.

    Today the SSG is configured with one of those /30 as a link net, and one /30 as a DMZ with one server in. Everything works perfectly. I also got a /56 IPv6 subnet from the ISP, which the SSG-20 had no problems dealing with - I have a /64 on every interface on the inside. Quite cool with native IPv6 🙂

    But now I want to start using the “second” 30/30 as well. I’m thinking to use two virtual routers, and let the server in the DMZ use the one with the subnets alone, and let the “normal” clients share the dynamic one. With two virtual routers I guess I can solve this myself.

    What my questions is really about is if I can route IPv6 different than IPv4? All IPv6-traffic need to go out on the only IPv6-interface, altough I want IPv4-traffic on the other one?

    This is not very good explained, but hopefully someone understands… 🙂