NS25 and 'Guest network'

  • Hi there,

    First of all, im new to the forum and im new to juniper. At my company they have a Netscreen 25 firewall and asked me to configure a ‘Guest Network’. So im thinking of creating 2 Vlan’s on my ethernet 1 interface but im not sure how to do this.

    anyone has better suggestions to create a quest network? if not how can i best implent the vlans on interface 1?


  • Thanks, last weekend i configured the vlan 10. Everything seems to work fine.

    Only problem is, im gettin no ip adres. How can i configure DHCP setting for my newly created vlan?

  • You will need a VLAN…with VLAN, you can control traffic on the switch.

    The config will look like:

    set interface “ethernet0/1.1” tag 10 zone "Trust"
    set interface ethernet0/1.1 ip
    set interface ethernet0/1.1 nat
    set interface ethernet0/1.1 ip manageable

    I have assigned the sub-if to vlan 10. You can assign this IF to a custom zone, so that you can leverage policies to control traffic.

  • This way i dont need a vlan at all??

    can you give me an idea on what the implement code will look like 🙂

  • Hi Ronald,

    You can configure sub-interface ethernet1.x and assign the vlan to that interface. Now, ethernet1 becomes a trunk port, accepting untagged packets on e1, while looks for tagged packets on e1.x.

    You can assign it a different IP, different from your internal network and have dhcp server setup…to assign IPs to guests connecting to the network.