Connecting DC powered router to AC Power

  • Hey All!

    I am a brand new Juniper user.  I am attempting to learn JUNOS so I can take my certification tests one day.  I purchased a J2300BASE-2T1-DC on eBay and stupidly didn’t realize that it did not have an AC power connection to plug in at my house.

    Because I am using this as a home lab I wont have access to a DC connection.  What are my options for connecting this to the regular AC power in my home?  I really know nothing about AC/DC power and assume there is some kind of DC->AC power adapter that can convert but Google searches have come up with nothing.

    Does anyone have any options for me to use this router in my home?

    Thanks all!!!

  • If anyone runs into this issue in the future I can officially confirm that you can just swap out the DC power supply for an AC.  I ran to Microcenter after work and picked up a 300w FlexATX AC Power supply which fit perfectly into the router.  Plugged it in and all is working great!