Cannot connect to eth interface with netscreen 5gt

  • Hi,

    I was given a Netscreen 5gt firewall and have problems to connect to it.

    I can connect via the serial port and the CLI works fine. However, I cannot connect to it by Ethernet.
    It runs in Trust-Untrust mode, and I have made hard resets many time, either wia the CLI (using the serial number as login/password) or using the switch at the back of the device.

    Although the CLI (using a serial terminal, not ethernet) tells me DHCP is enabled, It says that dhcp is offerred, but no machine picks up the lease offer. I cannot get an IP to any computer I connect it by ethernet (Linux, Windows). If I try to use a static address during the netscreen boot ( on the computer, on the netscreen) I cannot ping to it.

    get interface tells me eth1 has assigned.

    I have tried rebooting to any mode, to no avail.

    get license does not give an expiry date for the license.

    Am I doing something wrong with it?

    Thank you for your help.