Configure MPLS on SSG 550M

  • Dear Expert,

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    I am getting into hot water while I planning to incorporate MPLS connection with SSG550 for one of m
    our branch office. Would like to give you brief about the configuration,

    Head Office:
    SSG 550 Deployed at Head Office
    Etnernet0/0(Trusted Zone)=> IP Configured  e.g 170.30.x.x / NAT enabled on Interface
    Etnernet0/1(DMZ Zone)=> IP Configured  (Not utilized)
    Etnernet0/2(Untrusted Zone)=> IP Configured  e.g / Route Enabled on Interface
    Etnernet0/3(Untrusted Zone)=> IP Configured (Free to Connect MPLS)

    Branch Office

    SSG5 is deployed at Branch Office
    IP Scheme Using are

    Objective :

    We have to forward all branch office request for Internet or data to head office because Internet Server and some other services are being served from Head Office.

    Tell us the best way to connect Branch Office through MPLS and what policies are required to add on Juniper SSG550, keeping in mind if we route traffic on SSG 550 from our reserved/free e.g Etnernet0/3(Untrusted Zone) interface to Trusted Zone containg IP  170.30.x.x as mentioned above, this interface is already configured on NAT mode for LAN to WAN traffic.

    Earliest response is highly appreciated.

    Thanks In Advance.