Discount DVD- That 70s Show Seasons 1-8 Mash Seasons 1-11 House MD Seasons 1-8 T

  • that 70s show seasons 1-8 dvd Plot: Hyde finds out that Angie and Kelso have a thing, and he is not pleased with the news The guys get into a bar without showing their fake IDs only to learn that the bartender is none other than Hyde’s father, Bud.  Kitty finds out about this and, against Hyde’s wishes and Red’s advice, invites Bud over in an attempt to set things right betw mash seasons 1-11 dvd Plot: Two half-mad intelligence officers arrive at the 4077th to keep an eye on each other and the goings on at the camp. As a joke, Hawkeye and Trapper trick one into thinking that Frank Burns is a fascist and the other into thinking he’s a communist. house md seasons 1-8 dvd Plot: House treats a magician but comes to believe he’s faking illness to cover up his own incompetence. Meanwhile, House pits the fellows against each other in his version of an immunity challenge. the newsroom season 1 dvd Plot: " Newsroom " tells the story of a fictional television station " Atlantis cable news stations " (ACN ) behind the scenes story, broadly based on the MSNBC program " countdown " NBC news the case reviews. homeland season 2 dvd Plot: Political powers make big plans to promote Brody as a national hero, but erratic behavior on his part threatens his media image. Elsewhere, a desperate Carrie searches for evidence to link Brody with Abu Nazir, while Saul enjoins her to follow the terrorist financier’s money trail.