8021.ad(QinQ) configuration help on MX240 router

  • Topology

    |LS1|b–(V300)----a1                                                                                                            b1-----(V300)—a|LS5|
                                | LS2|b------(trunk)------a|LS3|b—802.1ad----a|LS4|b------(trunk)--------a|LS5|
    |LS6|b–(V400)----a2             (300,400)                                                  (300,400)                b2-----(V400)—a|LS7|

    I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to make my topology works. Loosing hope… Have ‘Juniper MX Series’ book but not able to apply solution for my topology.
    Please give me some advices.

    1. All the config is made on one MX240 router, ‘LS’ - logical system, ‘a’ and ‘b’ are indexes for ports of LSs.
    2. LS2 and LS5 are configured as virtual-switch type for bridging, working great with access & trunk ports if LS3, LS4 removed from topology.
    3. I’d like to make one-2-one vlan mapping, by configuring dual taging on LS3, LS4. I understand the theory, checked many examples from net that cannot
      properly apply here.
    4. The goal is to add 2nd tag for traffic coming on ‘a’ ports on|LS3|, and ‘b’ ports on |LS4| with mapping 300->1300, 400->1400. Switching between LS3 and LS4 should be made on external tags.
      Don’t really know on which interfaces make vlan mapping and how do it properly
    5. How would the config of additiona LS looked like if I locate it beetween  |LS3|b and a|LS4|?

    I’s my first project on juniper hw, and it’s part of my master thesis project.
    Will be very gratefull for any help.


  • you might want to try NOT TO USE LS for vlan manipulation