Mip and Destination NAT in the same rule

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    I have a route based VPN that i have a bit of a messy request for.
    The servers on my side will both have to be source translated (i guess by mip) and i also need to make a destination translation.
    Se my example, Server A (for example is the server on my site, i translate that to and it connects to NAT address ( is the address the server are connected to, and server B ( is the server it acctuly connect to. ( ->>

    So server A thinks its connecting to but in reallity it connects to 212.212.212 and see it as the source

    I cant get both MIP and Destination nat to work. It just do the destination NAT and not the mip stuff.

    Any idea of how to accomplish this?

  • any one? 🙂

  • I dont “control” the other side of the VPN its a other partner/client. Im migrating all the VPN:s from a other vendor to a netscreen cluster. In the old enviorment this (weird) setup with both source and destionation NAT is working, so i would prefer to solve it without have to involve the other client/partner so much.

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    So wouldn’t a mip from to on on sideand a MIP from to on the other side of the vpn work?