Change SRX Cluster ID

  • I currently have an SRX240 cluster configured with ID =1, but realized just before I put it in I already have an SRX cluster with that ID. So to change it, does anyone know if it’s just a matter or rerunning the set chassis cluster command with the new ID on each node, or do I have to disable clustering (ID =0) first then do it again?

  • Hi Scotterwin,

    The problem of having 2 clusters with the same cluster-id only exists if you have the clusters in the same L2 (VLAN) network, because you’ll have duplicate MAC addresses generated.

    If this is your case, then yes, you need to change the cluster-id.
    I didn’t check if there’s a recommended procedure, but to stay on the safe side I would do this;

    • disable the cluster with id=0 on both nodes at the same time
    • reboot the 2 nodes at the same time
    • set the cluster back with the usual procedure for creating a new cluster

    I hope it helps!