M10i with IQ2 hardware - CoS/QoS share bandwidth between clientes

  • I want to configure CoS on a M10i Router, it has the supported hardware to do this.

    I want to configure share bandwidth for two clients. the aim is to sell clients shared internet plans, for example, we sell a 8m plan to a customer shared with other customer, we guarrantee 4m for each client, in case one of the two clients dont use the total of the 4m the other client can use the diference.

    All the clients are between diferent units on the same interface and have different VLANs.

    I would appreciate it if someone can help me!!

  • yeah the essence of qos is differentiated multiple services/type of traffic for EACH customer……not traffic control over multiple customers…

    I hope I got myself understood…you see … for each customer you have ef/af1/af2/af3/be and cos/qos works best for them…

    Or you can change the logic, treat the 2 customers in your case as different forwarding-classes…each fc correlates to a scheduler…

    that way…hmm … let me think, define scheduler1 and scheduler2 and make them cir = 4m and in the tcp(traffic control profile) define shaping as 8M, and put both scheduler at priority low…can you try it?

  • The way you are suggesting is different from what im trying to do because in that case, as you said, every client will get a assured rate of 4m and if the interface has bandwidth left will use 8m so all the clients configurated on that interface will share the left bandwidth….

  • In the case of interface-set, the bunch of logical interfaces will be treated as one entity and schedulers work on the entity as a whole.

    Personally I wouldn’t recommend this way though.

    why don’t you make sure each client get CIR=4M and PIR=8M? that’s just easier.

  • Thanks for the replys,

    But i still have a doubt, in the case of an interface-set, how the interfaces in the group share the shaping-rate or the guaranteed-rate?
    Each interface in the group receive the value of the configured shaping-rate and guaranteed-rate or they receive a percentage of those values or how they manage those resources?

    i have the same doubt in a Two-Rate Tricolor Marking. If i send all the traffic of two different units to a policer, how the units share those resources??

  • okay, let’s see……define an interface-set, associate it with a level 3 node scheduler, put vlan1(client1/interface1) and vlan2(client2/interface2) to the interface-set. here is the scheduler detail:

    A. treat both clients as 1

    1, CIR=8M(for each);
    2, PIR=anything larger than 8M;
    3, shaping rate = 8M;

    with above approach, you are basically treating 2 clients as 1 client, the good thing is aggregate traffic never exceeds 8m, but you do not have control over 4M bw preemption between 2 vlans;

    B, treat each clients separately;

    1, configure 1 client as transmit-rate=4M;
    2, for each client, shaping rate = 8M;

    This way, you make sure each client got 4M, but you cannot guarantee during low utilization period they could use traffic within 8M range.

    For classification in your case, put fixed per-unit classifier is the best option.


  • yes, one VLAN per client

  • what do u mean by client? one vlan per client or what?

    If more than 1 vlan for each client then interface-set might be the way to do coz you are trying to aggregate multiple vlans and put a scheduler onto them.