Windows 8.1 -, no virtual adapter

  • I’ve been using Network connect 7.0 for months on my new Windows 8 laptop.  Yesterday morning I was connected.  At lunch I (foolishly) decided to install the Windows 8.1 preview.  After it was done, everything was fine except, of course, Network Connect.  Every time I login and it tries to launch I get “The Network Connect session terminated. Do you want to reconnect?” followed by the error in the subject (23712).  After much reinstalling, running as admin, etc I finally checked the logs and saw “failed to find NC adapter” as well as numerous other errors.  I’m assuming this is the root though, or at least a good place to start.  I did verify there is no adapter in my Network Connections list.

    I also discovered Windows 8.1 removes all system restore points and is not uninstallable.  So basically I’m stuck unless I rebuild my machine.  ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated.  Maybe a download link to a newer version of the client?

  • Hmmm… just got it to work by uninstalling, deleting saved data and then running the installer as admin.

    I use Junos Pulse though.

  • It really doesn’t work. And how should I send logs if the program spits out too much data AND in the wrong format?

    I’m quite frustrated with the proces of this forum and the application. How can I get back to the regular Windows VPN option?! I miss that so much. That just worked.