BGP config with MPLS

  • Juniper Newbie!!!  I am really lost!!

    I have set up and confirmed that MPLS is functional with the ISP.  I have the ethernet ports connected.

    I have BGP set up and confirmed with the ISP that we see each other.  I see routes entered on my routing table.
    the problem I have is I cannot get traffic to go between the sites.

    First do I need to distribute routes to the ISP’s router?
    If I do is this the command:

    host1(config)#router bgp 300  (300 is my AS #?)
    host1(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 100 (100 is AS # for neighbor?)
    host1(config-router)#neighbor remote-as 400 (400 is AS # for neighbor?)
    host1(config-router)#network mask


    set vrouter trust-vr protocol bgp redistribute route-map add-rip protocol rip

    Secondly do I need to set the route on the SSG to the GW IP of the ISP router?

  • I figured it out.

    Needed to add the rout to the network in the MPLS zone

  • ran debuging on bgp when I added the route

    network watch prefix: LAN IP/16 is unreachable

    What does this mean?

  • one thing I do have to mention is I have set up a seperate vr called MPLS and set up a zone called Company-MPLS.  I have the VR in the zone and the correct interface in the Zone.

    I ran the set network statement

    set vrouter MPLS
    set proto bgp
    set network LAN IP/24

    get vrouter MPLS protocol bgp neighbor shows established

    get vrouter MPLS protocol bgp rib neighbor advertised shows NO ROUTES being advertised

  • Just FYI.  It is an SSG-550 with Screen OS 6.2.0r4.0