Pandora FMS 4.1

  • Four months after the latest stable version was released and two release candidate versions, Pandora FMS 4.1 is already available. This new version aims to be a much more reliable and long term stable version, which is why it comes with thousands of lines of code changed, more than 100 contributions since the 4.0.3 and over 80 small bugs fixed.


    • A totally new HTML5 Pandora Mobile console

    This new web-console has been optimized to work with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices (phones and tablets) so you now can see vital information from your Pandora directly in your phone.

    • Visual improvements:

    In order to improve our users’ experience with Pandora, we have made important enhancements such as adding new styles and modifying the login screen, the view of groups, the modules and agents view and the tree view, among other improvements.

    • New Appliance CD (CentOS)

    The new appliance of Pandora FMS 4.1 is based on CentOS, which replaces the old one based on SUSE.

    Since CentOS offers a more enterprise approach to Linux and our appliance CD is a customized, easy-to-use optimized system with desktop interface, you barely need to have elementary skills in Linux to install it. Everything works out-of-the-box. You can use the ISO image to install it in physical and virtual servers.

    The enterprise ICMP & SNMP monitoring has been improved.

    The SNMP and ICMP enterprise monitoring has been revamped. The performance and stability have also been improved so you now have an option to monitor thousands of checks per minute.

    Other features / improvements

    • Improved performance on internal database.
    • The Update Manager now supports proxies
    • Improved recon detection and topology mapping.
    • Now GIS information calculates the distance between measures and the total distance.
    • More flexible image configuration for GIS.
    • Improved Graphs configuration for Dashboard.
    • Some views have been simplified and new help pages and help tips have been added.
    • Improved Windows agent, with compatibility for new XML event system, coming with Windows 8 and 2012.

    Download it from