EX4200 Port Mirror

  • Hi Guys,

    I am trying to configure the EX4200 for port mirror by issue the following command. The reason is , I am seeing  a traffic burst from the graph and want to analyze the traffic of ae0.  ge-0/0/2 where I will plugin my computer running with wireshark.

    #set ethernet-switching-options analyzer analyzer1 input ingress interface ae0
    #set ethernet-switching-options analyzer analyzer1 input egress interface ae0
    #set ethernet-switching-options analyzer analyzer1 output interface ge-0/0/2

    However, upon “commit confirm 5” I received this error.

    [edit interfaces ge-0/0/2]
      ‘unit 0’
        logical unit is not allowed on aggregated links
    error: configuration check-out failed

    Here’s the configuration for ge-0/0/2

    ge-0/0/2 {
            ether-options {
                802.3ad ae1;

    1. How can I remove the aggregated (802.3ad ae1) on this interface?
    2. I want to monitor an aggregated ports (ae0) and mirror to ge-0/0/2. – possible ?
    3. I cannot find  the other port ge-0/0/3 and ge-0/0/4, probably was deleted by former sysad.  Is there a way to set them back ?

    Would appreciate if you give me suggestion… 🙂

  • Please use below command to remove ae interface…

    delete interfaces ge-0/0/2 ether-options 802.3ad ae1

    This may help you…

  • I forgot to mention that ae0 is LAG of  ge-0/1/0 ,ge-0/1/1 and ge-0/1/2 (1G fiber channel)