No acceptable phase 1 proposals for dialup using shrewsoft vpn on win7

  • Hello,

    I have been using netscreens for since 2004, and the netscreen remote software until recently
    I have finally had to upgrade my users to windows 7 and found that there isnt a good juniper based vpn software…
    when i called they recommended a third party software.

    I have another acquaintance how uses several ssgs as well and he uses shrewsoft vpn software, I looked at the website it has basic
    support and the software alone with a page for each major hardware vpn vender.

    I have installed this software and configured both the juniper ssg and the client according to the steps…
    even so far as to delete everything and redo it painstakingly step by step 5x …

    I keep getting “Rejected an IKE packet on ethernet3 from xx.xx.xx.xx:31422 to xx.xx.xx.xx:500 with cookies 6db335c0e6755caa and 2acc77e6ceeae483 because there were no acceptable Phase 1 proposals.”

    ethernet 3 is my untrusted interface,

    the directions are here , my friend told me his just worked when he followed them, I am at a loss… the phase 1 proposals match exactly, he has looked them over on my firewall and they match his identically.  the client is simple to setup, yet no matter how many times i start over i get the same thing.