Layer2 bandwidth limit Ex4200

  • Hi all,

    Have anyone configured layer2/dot1q-tag shaping/bw-limit on aex? I have searched for such documents but didn’t found anything relevant.

    I’m looking forward to configure the following setup configuration:

    1. 4 x EX4200, virtual-chassis topology (master, backup, 2 LC)
    2. one SuperMicro server with 4 x GE interfaces

    All 4 GE intf teamed/bundled in VC (each GE connected to one ex4200 for redundancy)

    on EX4200 side: aggregate ae0 with all 4 GE interfaces, using LACP

    using 3 VLANs: 11, 12 and 13

    Vlan 11 needs bandwidth limit for 5Mbps. The configuration should look like this:

    family ethernet-switching {
    filter customer-abc-5mbps {
            term 1 {
                from {
                    dot1q-tag 11;
                then policer 5m_Policer;
            term accept-remaining {
                then accept;

    policer 5m_Policer {
        if-exceeding {
            bandwidth-limit 5m;
            burst-size-limit 100k;
        then discard;

    This configuration should limit vlan 11 to 5mbps if applied to GE interface.
    But does anyone applied this to ae0? It will work?

    Any tips where to look for custom rent lab for a topology like this? It is mandatory requirement, to be checked before decide to go further and buy 4 x EX4200 🙂

    Any help and tips will be very appreciated.

    Thank and have a great day!